KIds Art Fair Projects

One of the best ways to keep a child’s mind active and creative is by engaging them in art projects. Whether the kids have participated in these before, or if it is going to be their first time, there are many ways to make it exciting and fruitful for both of you. Some of the ways to come up with brilliant project ideas for a kids art fair are as follows.

Involve Them From the Start

Do not try to push project ideas on kids without consulting with them first. They may be young, but they also have preferences and tastes. What you think is interesting may not necessarily be fun for them to do. You may want landscape art, but the kids want to paint a picture of a sporting hero such as an NHL star, so you must find a compromise and let them try out what they want.

Use Easily Available Products

You do not have to purchase an expensive canvas and paint for you to try out great project ideas for kids art fairs. You would be surprised at how you can create excellent pieces with readily available products such as paper, egg shells and old boxes. You can even teach the kids to make fantastic picture frames from sticks. This is not only a valuable learning experience, but it is also sustainable for children who want to get deeper into art beyond the fair itself.

Try Different Forms of Art

Do not restrict yourself to a single form of art when it comes to working with children. Since they are at an age when they enjoy experimenting, they will have fun if you try out different things, including puppetry, mosaic, collage, papier-mache, making origami, bead-work, pottery and other types of art.

Do Not Focus on Perfection

Working with children will need a high level of patience and cutting out the desire to be perfect. Children can be messy, and they may not quickly grasp concepts, especially on a topic which is new to them. Do not yell at them or push them too much. If you do, they will start associating art with pain, and they may never want to come back.

Play with Color

Children are attracted to things which are bright and shiny. That is why they go wild when they see sparkly colors. Do not deny them this pleasure by limiting the number of colours you allow into art unless you have a project that looks better in fewer colors.

Start With a Simple Project

Before you take the big leap and have the children create a big project, you should first start with a basic plan. Have them paint on plain surfaces, or weave beads together for a simple idea, as a way for them to get acquainted with the basics of the art project before you pull out the big one.

Work With Small Groups

Children can get awfully bored if they are working on art projects alone. That is why it is undoubtedly always advisable to have a group of friends working on a project together. This allows them to create beautiful memories together. In the same breath, you should not work with huge groups, since you may not be able to control them or give them personalised attention.