Art Projects at Home

You do not have to take your children to a school of art for them to enjoy doing arts projects. You can try out easy art projects at home with the kids and have fun while doing them. You should consider doing the following activities and watch as the children squeal in excitement when they create beautiful pieces of art.


Puppets are a cheap and fun way to create art. One of the popular puppets are the sock arts, and what you need to make them are:

  • Old socks.
  • Colours.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper.
  • Cardboard.

Cut out the cardboard into a shape that will form a mouth. Fold it into two and cut out the sock at the end to allow the cardboard shape. Glue the cardboard into the sock and then stick drawings of the eyes. You can accessorize by putting fake hair and drawing out a tongue to make the puppet look real.

Hand Print Craft

This is an interesting craft for young children. All they need to do is paint the palm of their hands and imprint it on a piece of paper. The children can try out different colours, and they can even do it with their feet if they want something different.

Photo Frames

There are many ways in which children can make photo frames that can be used to hang photos. They can use pieces of hardboard or twigs to create unique photo frames. Additionally, they can decorate already existing photo frames by using stickers, shells and coloured paper.

Painting Walls

Not all home art projects are small scale. Depending on their ages, children can also participate in huge projects such as redecorating their own rooms and painting. They can be given small brushes and taught how to paint. It is a good way to make the children feel involved in big changes that you are making in the home.

Noodle Obstacles

The noodles that are used in the pools can be very interesting noodles that children can jump over or go under. For children below five years old, this game will keep them busy. They can choose the colours that will work for them. Another option is making patterns. Bubble wraps interest most children, and adding some colour on them will create a beautiful pattern that will keep them busy. All you need is sheets of bubble wraps and some water or oil colour.

Bead Work

Never underestimate the quality of bead work that children can make under good guidance. If you buy them a variety of beads and strings they can use to piece them together, children can create bangles, necklaces and other bead work. Once they get better at it, they can start making bead work as projects for charity or to gift people on special events.