Dating a Women with Kids

dating single mother

Tread carefully when you are planning to date a single mother

Hamilton is a diverse place and as such, you’re going to run into all types of women. If you’re the typical bachelor, you may think most of the women you meet in person or chat with online are probably living a similar lifestyle as you, but you can’t always be so sure. She may be beautiful, carefree, and spontaneous, but she may also be someone’s mother. Although, it may sound tricky dating a woman with children, it’s not as difficult as you may think. If you’re adaptable and open-minded, dating a woman with kids can actually be a pretty great thing.

Start by having open communication

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A deep and meaning full conversation can really help you

When a woman has kids, she is typically willing to tell you. If she doesn’t tell you, ask her if she does. You need to get that out in the open right away. If you feel like she’s trying to keep it a secret, you probably need to move on. Regardless of what top adult dating sites for Hamilton you’re on, if she’s not mature enough to admit she’s a mother, then she’s not worth your time. Depending on what websites you’re using, you already know what type of relationship you want to have with her. If you’re just looking for someone to have sex with, stick to websites such as BookofMatches, and POF, which allows you to limit your connections to people only wanting to hook up for sex.

Even if you’re just meeting up for sex, keep in mind that some women are protective of their children and do not want them to know about their adult activities. Even the most promiscuous women found on the top adult dating sites in Hamilton may want you to follow strict rules when it comes to hooking up. If you’ve never dated a woman with kids before, here are a few rules you may run into. The first rule has to deal with when the two of you meet up. If you’re strictly hooking up for sex, she’ll probably want you to come over to her place late at night while the kids are sleeping. You may have to speak in whispers and if you’re into being loud and vocal, you may have to sacrifice it. There are few things as uncomfortable as children bursting into their mom’s room while you’re in the middle of doing the do. Another thing you may have to deal with is having plans cancelled on you. Most women are going to choose their children over their rendezvous. You may have planned your meeting for a month in advance, but if something comes up regarding her kids, you can forget about it.

Another rule has to do with patience. If you’re already dating a woman who you’ve met on one of the top adult dating sites, she still may not be ready to introduce you to her kids. Some men are okay with this. But to other men, this type of behavior can make us feel insecure. You may start to doubt that she’s really into you, or you may think she’s ashamed of the way you look. Usually, neither of those is the case. Again, she’s more than likely just protecting her children. Many women with children have had to deal with the unfortunate behavior of guys hooking up with them and meeting their kids and then disappearing. This leaves women in the awkward situation of having to explain what happened to the last guy and having to introduce the new guy, which, according to the women we’ve talked to, is no enjoyable conversation.

If You Do Meet Her Kids, Keep It Cool

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You have to be careful around children

Whether her children are toddlers, adolescents, or teens, you should always remember to be calm and comfortable whenever you meet them. If you’re really hitting it off with a woman you’ve met from one of the top adult dating sites, don’t express too much interest in her children right away. There are pedophiles in the world, who prey on children and if you come off as someone who wants to know everything about her kids, she may think you are a predator. You can ask simple questions here and there when she brings up her children, but don’t push and don’t pry, let her open up to you about them. Another thing you’ll have to keep in mind when it comes to dating a woman with kids is that even the smallest child is in the process of developing his or her own personality. When you meet her kids, they may like you. They may want to talk to you or play simple games. Don’t be so cool that you don’t interact with them. This is going to turn her off. If her toddler hands you a banana as a phone, you better pretend there is someone on the other end. If she has older children who don’t seem to like you, that’s okay. Just say hi and don’t bother them. They don’t have to like you, but you should definitely talk to her if you feel like her children are disrespecting you. No one from any of the top adult dating sites is worth dealing with mean and disrespectful kids.

give right impression

Kids form attachment very quickly – Give the right impression

For a women with younger kids, find out if she’s okay with you bringing over a treat or gift every now and then for them. This is something that you should do often and it’s definitely not a requirement, but it won’t do any harm. It can be something as simple as package of animal crackers or cheap toy from the local Dollar Giant or Dollarama. You’re not trying to impress her or her child. You’re just trying to let them both know that you’re a cool, harmless guy. Don’t make either of them that you’re trying to buy their favor. That type of thinking will almost always backfire on you. With older teens, do something like openly complaining about something being wrong with your cell phone or some other type of portable electronic device. Teens are usually very familiar with technology and they may want to fix the issue for you. They may think you’re clueless for not knowing how to fix whatever thing you’re pretending is wrong with it, but you can use the time they’re taking to look at it to compliment on how technology savvy they are. Even hormonal teenagers like receiving compliments even if they pretend like they don’t care.

Also, with older children and teens, keep in mind that they’re not as naïve as younger children. If you’re showing up late at night, they know exactly what you’re there for. Don’t insult their intelligence by pretending to be just platonic friends with their mother. One of the best things you can do is just act natural. You don’t need to show any public displays of affection or anything like that, but you do need to respect her and her children. If her children are around while you’re in the mood, wait patiently until they go away. Talk about topics that most kids consider boring such as the weather and most current events. Children are naturally nosy and want to know what they’re parents have planned, but once they realize that there’s nothing interesting going on, they’ll leave you alone to do whatever you please.

The final rule when it comes to dating a woman with children is never asking her to choose between you and her kids. We can tell you from personal experience, you’ll lose every time.

Are You Ready For Your Trip? Take the Best Travel Handbag Ever

travel handbags

Tell me, who hasn’t had a business travel bag for only a couple of days? Well, unfortunately I haven’t myself, but that doesn’t mean I cannot travel like one ;) Needless, it isn’t necessary to have seen Sex and the City to find out that women are in love with bulky wallets (money, evil-minded). Especially, because the protagonists’ sells the picture of all women’s indecent taste that don’t actually represent the real women. On the other hand, men are not that far from this belief, perhaps you thought that men buy expensive cars just to enjoy them? Well, although it seems obvious, it is worth to demonstrate this subject so then no one can argue that this statement is sexist or biased. But I must highlight that women give double value than men to good economic prospects; such as accessories, handbags, shoes or clothes.

My Trip To New York City

Therefore, my friends and I are going on a trip to New York on the next two weeks. We decide to go on a cheap date. So I have realized that since technology has become such an integral part of our daily lives.  It will be almost impossible for me to board a plane without a full complement of gadgets and handbag accessories to protect and to carry all of them SAFELY (just to make clear, I’m not a nerdy freaky, but you know we all need the basic things, a phone, laptop, iPad or other things ;).  However, I asked myself, will I be really be able to find the travel bag that I need in just a couple of minute? Does it really exist such a decent and at the same time stylish laptop handbag? But before I continue, please have in mind that this thoughts comes from the viewpoint of a purse addict and a BIG fashion fan, and if you’re like me you’ll understand what I mean =).

Your Best Accessory Is Your Best Friend

As I was saying, one of the accessories that it is almost impossible to see women without is bags. To my opinion, handbags have always been a woman’s allies, protectors and the responsible ones to keep us organized all day long, don’t you agreed? For all those and other reasons, many designers and fashion editorials have concluded that cool handbags are the ultimate accessories for the modern and ready-to-go women. And yes that deserves a huge merci. Professional designers also have managed to make stylish travel bag designs that will endure over time and to fulfill every woman’s dreams of having the perfect carryall, fashionable and comfortable laptop travelling bag!

With this said, I decided to sit on my coach, with a big cup of coffee and spend an entire day navigating on the web to be able to find the best deals for the bags I need for my trip, but guess what happens. I was totally frustrated because all websites and blogs for travel bags were like a jungle out there! Trying to spam me and to take me far away my budget line, or even worst, taking me to completely unrelated sites. Then I decided to take a little walk, get more coffee and come back to web. Then I told to my myself sometimes all what I need is $500 million dollars =)

The Best Online Reviews Of Designer Handbags

Then finally after long hours of sitting on front of the computer, I came across to this special handbag beauty that I’ve been dreaming of for a long while now. Don’t worry I’ll share with you all the details of where I found it, Believe me girls I am so excited and happy to show you my new baby, trust me a travel bag like these can surely help you to not even take a huge suitcase, and still keeping everything organized in one purse, like magic! This is why ladies, I forbid you to miss the best travel bag I found on the entire web. And because I care about you I wanted to share the few good travel handbags I found on this fashion blog : my favorite one Tuscano MacBook Pro Backpack!

My Conclusion About These New Handbags

My last thoughts, the excitement that all woman feel when wearing new bags and shoes is inexpressible. And yes, it has been said repeatedly “give women the perfect heels and she’ll conquer the world.” Same thing happens if we carried in our hands a luxury accessory ;) The handbag accessories we wear in leather make us levitate where we go, giving us self-confidence, the beauty, style, which plays a big role in our new world. But before I go, I have to confess you that I always wanted to have a huge assortment of them to wear it with different clothes everyday (and I know you do it too), thanks to the site I found the perfect handbag and I would even be able to have all the different colors and made of with both, great materials and designs. So now I’m all set up for my travel trip to New York and not be afraid of not having an outstanding va va voom look! And now is your time to shine to, so go and get your travel handbag before somebody else takes it quickly. So always remind yourself that whenever you’re ready to take that first brave step into the new world, make sure you’re wearing the right travel bag!

What Are The Top Hookup Websites In Canada?

If you are having a hard time getting laid in Canada, you may be going about it all wrong. Sure it can completely be in your delivery, but that is not what I am talking about. If you are uncomfortable picking up girls in a bar to have sex with, there is a better way to get women to have sex with you. If you haven’t tried a hookup site you are missing out on a great opportunity. There is no rejection, or failure on a hookup website. The only thing that you get from a hookup site is sex. That is the whole reason that they are there. That is what you get out of them. If it seems way too good to be true, it isn’t. It is real, and really easy.

What is a hookup?

If you are wondering what a hookup is, where have you been? A hookup is where two people meet for nothing more than to have a sexual encounter. They don’t have to know each other’s names, they don’t have to spend time talking, they don’t even have to say hello. It is the most liberating, thrilling and honest sexual experience you can engage in. Hookups are taking the world by storm. You can go the traditional route and find someone to hookup with in a bar or you can find a hookup using the top hookup websites on the internet.

The advantages to meeting your hookup online

There are many advantages to using a hookup website. The most obvious is that you don’t have to spend all night talking to a girl you may, or may not be, interested in. There is nothing worse than wasting an evening dropping money on a girl to find out that she isn’t interested. Besides getting flat out rejected by a girl for sex. If you are someone who doesn’t like to be turned down that is one of the advantages of looking online. There is no way to feel rejected. When you ask a girl if she wants to have sex you will simply get a “no thanks”. That makes you free to move along to the next girl. Try that at a bar. It doesn’t go over so well.

sex is easier

Having sex becomes INCREDIBLY easy

The traditional way to get laid by picking someone up usually involves deception. A one night stand usually has you saying that you want a relationship and that you intend to call, even when you have no intentions of doing either. In the morning when you both wake with a hangover, she has to do the walk of shame and you have to feel bad that you lied to her. That isn’t a great situation is it? That isn’t what you are looking for when you have sex, guilt and regret?Hookup sites are great because they may potentially be the only time when sex is truly free. You don’t have to pay for dinner. You don’t have to buy her a drink. A hookup doesn’t involve any sort of courtship, under the hope of getting sex. It just gives you a straight guarantee that the girl who chooses you will have sex with you. What better advantage could you possibly need?

How is a hookup site different from a dating site?

A dating site is where people go to try to find a long term relationship. A hookup site is where people go to find sex. There is no promise of commitment, or even the illusion of commitment. Both parties are completely aware of what is going to happen and fine with it. No one on a hookup site is looking to introduce you to their mother, or wondering if you would be a good husband. They only hope that you will make a good sex partner.The rules are different for a dating site than for a hookup site. Your profile doesn’t have to convince anyone that you will make them happy, or that you are marriage material. All that the profile is for, is to show how attractive you are, or if you have some special asset. Unlike the dating profile, the way that you get chosen is based on only one thing, if the other person finds you good looking. You don’t have to stress out about putting the right words into your profile. In fact, most likely you don’t have to put any words into it. Unless you have something that makes you stand out sexually, it is really just about the picture.

How to spot the top hookup websites

What are the ways to spot the top hookup websites? They are the ones that have the most people on them. The problem is that you don’t know about your specific location until you just give it a try. Most of the reviews will tell you that one site is better than another, but they won’t tell you specifically for what location. That does you no good if there aren’t any people on it in Canada. You have no choices than reading the reviews here because one site may be the top hookup website in Calgary, but not in London.

Some insist that the way you can tell which the top hookup websites are, is by the amount of fake profiles and scams that are on them. The reality is that they all have scams and fake profiles. If you are a hot man who is looking for sex, you won’t have much of a problem with fake profiles. If you aren’t, then it is going to be an issue for you no matter what site you join. That is just the reality of the hookup site situation. The best way to find the top site is by putting yourself onto many and finding which one is best for you personally.Each site will cater to some different type of person. If you are someone who is married you are going to have more luck on a site that caters to married people. If you have a fetish the same is true for you. The only way to really tell is by putting yourself onto as many as possible to gain exposure. If one isn’t working, move on to the next one. There is a difference between the free sites and the pay for use sites, but mostly in the price more than any real difference. The fake sites tend to have a more relaxed feel, and raunchier look to them. That can’t be all bad, can it? They allow more explicit profile photos and advertising on the site.

women like this

Meet Canadian women like this on hookup dating sites

If you are tired of not having any luck finding sex through the traditional routes, it may be time to try something else. There is no worse feeling than being shot down in a bar, besides paying for drinks and then being shot down. Instead of worrying about which are the top hookup sites on the internet, take a chance and just get out there. There are many to choose from. If you aren’t having any success on one, try another. Eventually you will find one that will work for you.

Date Spots that are more than Just Tourist Spots

best date spots

Don’t miss out the date spots

When you’re on the lookout for a woman, you have to be willing to look everywhere. She isn’t always going to be right under your nose, living right next door to you or getting hired as the new secretary at your office. But when you have a woman on your arm who wants to go out with you, you’ve got the chance to keep her interested. No matter how much chemistry the two of you might have, she won’t stay around very long if you take her on boring dates – or worse, if you don’t take her on any dates at all.Taking her on interesting dates doesn’t always mean taking her on expensive dates. Being interesting does not always have to mean draining your bank account trying to impress her, it just means taking her on dates that take a little more consideration and thought put into planning them than a simple dinner, concert, or movie.

great date ideas

Going for skiing is a great idea

Women searching for men are looking for a man who doesn’t cave under the pressure of trying to keep them entertained. They want a guy who doesn’t just try; he succeeds. They want to be taken on a series of dates that not only are interesting, they’re new as well. It’s been said that men get bored easier than women, but it seems that with date spots that isn’t the case. If you take a woman to the same restaurant twice within the same six months, half the time, she’ll get upset. This seems a daunting feat when you first think about it; after all, there are only so many places you can take her that seem like a date and not just something you’d do with a friend, right? In some cases, yes, that is right, but in the case of Quebec City, it isn’t necessarily true. Some of the city’s things that you might write off as mere tourist spots can actually be great places to take your girlfriend. It’s nice because it’s something she won’t be expecting even though it’s in your town, so it will always be a surprise for her.

Quebec Ice Hotel

Unlike other tourist attractions, the Ice Hotel is a great weekend retreat spot, because even if you’ve lived in Quebec City your entire life, you’ve probably never had a chance to stay here. It’s a great experience for those who have gone, and the woman you’re seeing is pretty much guaranteed to love it. It’s been placed on a list with other “dream wedding locations.” Since 2001, 275 weddings have been held in the famous chapel within this chilly hotel. We’re not saying you can only take a woman here if you’re getting ready to propose, because any couple can appreciate the atmosphere and ambiance that come with staying here, or even just visiting. Women love this place because it has a certain dreamy quality to it. What you probably see as a feat of architecture and nature is seen by her with different lenses: all the ice is sparkling and to her, it’ll probably seem like somewhat of a fairy tale even if she isn’t the dreamy type. At upwards of $250 a person, per night, you’ll probably only want to treat a lady to this if your relationship is fairly serious. If the two of you have a more casual relationship, this probably isn’t your best bet. While it’s a romantic location, it’s not exactly a prime spot to put you in the mood and even in the heavily-padded sleeping bags they give you, having sex will be understandably pretty difficult. Unless you want to freeze off anything that’s ever brought you any pleasure, we don’t recommend trying it in a room built entirely out of ice. It won’t end well. Still, the hotel is a great date spot even just for a night away from home and she’ll absolutely love it.

Mont-Saint-Anne Ski Resort

Mont St-Anne Ski Resort

Go for a race

Once thought to be only the playground of pretentious socialites, ski resorts have gained popularity in the last decade or so as a spot for everyone. The Mont-Saint-Anne ski resort is easily reached for a day on the slopes or for a weekend retreat, or even longer if you have extra time for a vacation. If you drive northeast from Quebec City for about 40 km, you’ll hit this popular ski resort. Even if you live in Quebec, it’s nice to get away from home for a bit and this ski resort is one of the easiest ways to do it. You can rent a condo or cottage and be out on the slopes all day challenging each other to playful races and spend the nights cuddled up in front of a fireplace, giving your sore muscles a rubdown. There’s nothing more intimate than a massage from your girl, so let the atmosphere of the place bring you closer together in all kinds of different ways.If you’re still sadly single you can still rent a room at the resort and find all sorts of women searching for men or you can try to find one here.Whether it’s a rich woman there on vacation with a neglectful husband or a young, athletic ski bunny who would love to warm your bed, you’ll have your pick of women to try and hook up with. Just because you don’t show up at the resort with a woman doesn’t mean that you can’t leave with one.

Quebec Winter Carnival

Quebec Winter Carnival

You won’t regret it

This is another place that, like the Mont-Saint-Anne Ski Resort, is great if you’re taking a woman you’re already dating to or if you’re looking to meet up with women searching for men. Since almost everyone in the city loves this carnival that’s suitable for all ages, you’re bound to find some women there if you don’t have a woman on your arm already, and if you go there on a date with your girl then there are lots of fun things to do. It’s held in February, which is already popular among lovers because of Valentine’s Day. The festival has a winter amusement park which is great if the two of you are thrill seekers, and there are also more athletic activities like skiing and snow rafting, as well as ice sculpture displays. It’s very atmospheric, especially if you have an artsy woman or someone who just thinks winter is utterly magical. It might sound a little campy to you at first and you might think the carnival is just for people with kids, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Women of all ages like reviving their inner child, and this carnival is a perfect way to do it. It doesn’t all have to be about that, though; if you have a woman with a flair for the dramatic, there’s also a masquerade ball with up to 400 participants, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies taking place at the Ice Palace every time. It won’t drain your wallet to take a trip to this carnival, either, because most of the activities are cheap or free, with plenty of outdoor public banquets.

Escaping the Friend-Zone: Top Tips On How to Get Out of the Friend-Zone

Here is a familiar story; you like a Canadian girl, but they don’t like you back. They consider you to be a friend, or worst still, a brother! How then do you get them to like you back? There are some tips that you can use to get out of the “friend zone”. There are few things in life that are worse than liking someone that doesn’t like you back. It is possible to finally get out of the dreaded friend or brother zone. Although this is written from a guy’s perspective, the same rules apply for both genders. Whether you are a guy or girl looking to date someone that considers you to be their best friend, below are some of the things that you can do.

Don’t Be the “Nice Canadian Guy”

This is where most guys fail the test. You have heard it a million times, nice guys finish last. Like most clichés, there is some truth to this one. Nice guys don’t want to make their feelings known because they don’t want to “ruin the friendship”.

the nice guy

Don’t be the nice guy !

Here is something that you need to know. If you hold your feelings in it shows that other people’s feelings matter more than your own. In this case, it is no wonder you are in the friend zone. It is possible to cater for your feelings and those of other’s as well. Being a people pleaser will only harm you in the end.

Something else here is that the object of your desire may be into you too, but since you don’t express your feelings, you therefore don’t seem interested. Be confident and let your feelings known as soon as possible. If it doesn’t work out, there is no reason why you still can’t be friends!

Don’t Be Needy!!

The best casual online dating tactics advice anyone will give you is to avoid coming off as desperate, which is easy when you are in the friend-zone. If you seem needy for attention and obsessive about being in a relationship with your friend, then they will see you as desperate. You will never be taken seriously. Instead, your friend will continue dating douche-bags and pass you off simply because you don’t appear to be relationship material.

Another cliché to demonstrate the point: there are plenty more fish in the sea. Don’t act as if you will never love anyone else in your life. Your friend is most likely not even all that perfect, it’s you that is in love with the idea of being in love. Start going on other dates or at least appear to be having fun with other women and she will soon start to see you as a serious prospect for a sexual relationship!

Difference between Friendship and Intimacy

Often times, the line between friendship and intimacy are often blurred. You need to figure out what kind of guys your friend likes to date and be that guy. We all look for something different in relationships. It could be that your friend is looking for a father figure and not a best friend. If you keep playing the role of confidante and best friend, you will never get anywhere.


Here is the difference between Friendship and Intimacy! Which one do you prefer ?

You also need to be aware that some people have serious personal issues that spill over to their relationships. We often see this with women who regularly date jerks or abusive guys. Don’t get into a toxic relationship simply because you want to start having sex with your friend. Instead, look for someone that is more in-line with what you are looking for in a relationship.

Get Touchy

This is a tricky one for a number of reasons. One of the ways that we communicate to each other that we are attracted is through touch. Don’t touch your friend inappropriately, this will never work. You should try touching her hand, back, ankles, hair or shoulders. If they react positively to your touch, then this could mean that they are also into you. It is easy to think that your friend wouldn’t want you to touch them, and therefore avoid touching them all together. This is impersonal, and your friend will never know that you are into them.

get touchy

Learn how to enter in her intimacy space. But do it right

There are also people that are touchier than others. Observe how your friend acts with others. It is easy to mistake a touchy person for attraction. If you cannot tell what their intentions are or are getting mixed signals, it might be time for you to move on. At some point, you will need to know whether they are interested in you or not, you can’t wait around forever.

Know when to call it Quits

If you have tried everything here and nothing has worked, you need to reconcile yourself with the idea that nothing is going to happen. When you are hung up on your friend, it is easy to miss other opportunities with people that you will probably like better. Remember that your friend is not the only person in the world that you can have a relationship with. There are plenty more people out there that will be more than happy with you showing them affection.

It is hard to fall in love or date someone else when you are hung up on your ‘best friend’. You might want to create some space for yourself and begin to move on. Don’t call them or meet them as often as you did before, and you will begin to heal and move on. There is also a flip side to this. Another cliché that is based on truth, “you don’t know what you got until it’s gone”. You never know, they might just realize that they had feelings for you once they start to see you with other people.

Find Casual Dating Partners Online

When things don’t work out, you can still use the top casual classifieds sites. On this website you will find everything to help you to find casual dating partners in Canada. These relationships are far less complicated, and it is actually easy to meet women online.

Sites such as Eroticads are a perfect place to meet casual dating partners in Ottawa and other parts of the Ontario. You can also use this hookup guide to get casual online dating tactics that will help you meet women online without any problems. One tip that you can use is to get on multiple fling sites at once to maximize your chances of getting laid.

With the above tips, you should be able to get yourself together and finally get out of the friend-zone. If this doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty more people that you will be able to find out there that are actually interested in you. Accept your situation and move on. Don’t plead or beg for her to give you a chance. This will ruin your friendship and you will never be able to date the object of your desire. But with these tips here, you should be able to finally escape the friend-zone and begin to date the girl that you have always wanted. A little persistence and sneakiness will go a long way in getting you that girl that you have always wanted.


Dating on a Budget: Five Cheap Places to Take your Girl

Doing Hamilton on a budget isn’t easy, but it can be done, and without your dating plans being ruined by any scams.With a ton of expensive hotels and attractions in the area, visiting when you aren’t well off can be a total bummer if you didn’t do your homework beforehand. Don’t worry, though – you can blow your girlfriend’s mind and make your date memorable without breaking the bank. Check out these five great locations to take her while you’re dating on a budget.

Royal Botanical Gardens

cheap dating places

Interesting place to take your girl

For only $12.50 per person, the Royal Botanical Gardens is a must-see as well as a huge part of the community. Not only can you enjoy a group tour, but also you can walk around just the two of you as well if you’d rather be alone. This is a great place if you have pets, because as long as they are leashed they’re free to roam the outdoor garden areas. If you want to skip the cost entirely and only pay for parking, if you chose to only use the trails then your admission is free. This is just as good an option as any, though, as there are a great many trailheads to explore. No scams at this perfect dating site, just great deals. All year round there are a variety of festivals and events to attend, so be sure to check out their website before you visit so you can take advantage of those great opportunities, another thing that changes with the seasons are the flowers that are in bloom, and you can check which ones are currently blooming on the website as well. She’s guaranteed to love this fun and affordable breath of fresh air.

Dundurn Castle

Dundurn castle in Hamilton

Take her to the tour of this unique castle

This neoclassical mansion was completed in 1835, and is an absolute visual masterpiece. If you appreciate great architecture and want a cheap way to spend your day, Dundurn Castle is the place for you. Visitation is allowed all year round, and the tour is very unique. The castle has been restored to its original state, and a whopping 42 out of the 72 total rooms are open to the public. Your tour guides are costumed interpreters that tell you about the daily life in the 1850’s, so you get a little glimpse into the past while getting to enjoy some beautiful rooms. This area also includes the Hamilton Military Museum, which gives a great feminist look at a woman’s place in the military as well as showing information and artifacts from a great many wars over the years. If you’re the intellectual sort, it also hosts a great library on Canadian military history, which you can visit upon appointment. It might not seem like a hotspot for a date, but it is sure to surprise you.

Bruce Trail

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Hiking is a beautiful and romantic way to spend the day with your girl

Bruce Trail is completely free and an absolutely beautiful way to spend the day. The entire trail is scenic and will steal her breath away, no matter what time of the year you visit. The trail follows along the Niagara Escarpment, so you’ll get some gorgeous rivers and streams to view and splash around in on your walk. Not to mention the trail is very long, so it’ll keep you busy for the entire day.The most notable feature is the great many waterfalls that line your path, which provide a soothing sound to make your walk even more enjoyable. Walking in the fall is arguably the best, as you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colors. You’re free to spend as much time as you want in each location, and if you go at the right time of year it isn’t too crowded. Most people will be off visiting Niagara Falls instead of a trail that will eventually lead to the famous Falls, so you’ll get to enjoy having a nice romantic day all to yourselves. Pack a lunch to have by a stream and share the day together just enjoying each other’s company. You’ll get to have the conversation she dreams of having with you, and you’ll get to enjoy the beautiful weather. Not only is it a great place to have a picnic, the trail features a ton of natural wildlife, which is great to see if you live in a big city without much flora and fauna.She’ll think you planned this forever, but really it’s just a great choice for if you come to Hamilton without much money.

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

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Bronte Creek Provincial Park – Enjoy a day of camping and hiking

For cheap lodging and a variety of other things, Bronte Creek Provincial Park is a great site for dating a beautiful Canadian girl with no scams attached. Whether you want to explore the biking trails, go swimming, enjoy some cross country skiing, or visit the nature center, there’s no end to the things you can do.The park offers cheap camping sites with electrical hookups, running water, and any other amenities you could wish for. Visit the Spruce Lane Farmhouse to get some information on the history of the grounds from costumed interpreters, and enjoy the Maple Syrup Festival in March that’ll blow you away. The nature center is a fun way to interact with live animals as well as get a peek into various aquariums and terrariums. This exhibit is open from May until September; so don’t miss it. If you’re visiting in the summer, make sure to take advantage of the large outdoor pool. There’s nothing better than coming back from a hard day of hiking and relaxing by the pool with your girl.For those visiting during the winter, the ski trail is a great way to live it up and have fun. Also enjoy getting to cook over a camp fire and stay up late telling stories to scare her – she’ll love it, and you didn’t empty your wallet for this experience.

Art Gallery of Hamilton

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If your girl likes art then this would be a memorable experience for both of you

To indulge your artistic side without paying a dime, check out the Art Gallery of Hamilton. With a collection of well over 9,000 works of art, this prestigious gallery is sure to keep her enthralled for hours. Check out all the exhibits that they have year round, and keep an eye out for new ones that pop up. This gallery doesn’t have the same lineup for the entire year, and features a great many new exhibits every season to keep its visitors coming back for more. The AGH’s permanent collection is primarily comprised of historical and contemporary Canadian art as well as historical European art, and their gallery of modern Canadian art is one of the best in the country. Even if you aren’t too into the art scene, it’s a great place to take your girlfriend to seem cultured without spending your money on other more frivolous things. This isn’t the most romantic dating site, but there aren’t any money scams so it’s a total win for you. Go online and check out the featured exhibitions; there’s sure to be something for everyone in there. Whether your thing is sculpture, painting, or anything in between, the Art gallery of Hamilton has it all. If you live nearby, this is a great place to revisit many times a year as the lineup changes every few months. If she’s artistic at all, chances are she’ll be begging you to return to this historical location.

Android vs. iOS vs. MS Surface

Tablets are very popular nowadays and sales of units such as iPad4, Microsoft Surface Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note are rising and going up to millions. Are you trying to join the latest tablet trend and you‘re having a hard time deciding on which to choose? This article will reveal side by side the similarities and differences among these top tablets!

Let’s start with the price:

When it comes to price, Android OS is an open-source market which means you can get it in different brands. Prices can vary depending on the hardware’s manufacturers that are using the Android OS. iOS is developed and manufactured only by Apple Inc. It’s an exclusive mobile operating system that is used only for Apple devices. When it comes to pricing, it would vary as to what Apple device you’re interested in. As for the MS Surface tablets, prices will vary depending on the operating system that’s running on the tablet.

Android – Can Vary depending on the hardware’s manufacturer.

iOS – Can Vary depending on the Apple Gadget.

MS Surface – Can Vary depending on the MS Operating System.

Let’s talk about the physical aspect:

As for the looks, the MS Surface tablets give a magnesium-type feel that looks sleek and chic. It has a unique snap-on keyboard that can be used on a flat surface. As for iOS on Apple Products, it’s smooth and polished. While for Android tablets, the look would depend on the companies that create its product. It would mean different feel since it’s varies in price and it’s tailored for different users.

Android – Vary depending on the manufacturer.

iOS – Smooth and Polished.

MS Surface – Magnesium-Feel, sleek and chic.

Android and iOS. Microsoft

Android and iOS. Microsoft

How about the interface?

For Microsoft Surface Tablets running on Windows 8 , users can customize the home screen and it’s employs massive levels of customization. It has a Live Tile Idea that makes viewing highly interactive. Users can do multi-tasking all in one screen. You can view videos on the left side while you can still view your email on the right side of the screen. For the iOS, it has the basic home screen that has uses the same interface from its older to its latest version. You can jump on the app and tap into it. There’s no ability to do multi-screen tasks. For Android, users do have different widget that allows customization and users may find themselves overwhelmed.

Android – Too many widgets.

iOS – Basic and Simple.

MS Surface – Allows Multi-Tasking on One Screen.

And Finally, the Apps and Multi-Media

Applications may be considered as one of the top reasons why people choose to buy tablets. For iOS it has a biggest and better library of available applications over Android and MS Surface Tablets. Android applications are offered by Google Play whereas iOS applications are found on Apple Store. Although most iOS applications are pricey, developers always give top priority over applications that are paid for. However both Android and iOS do have great applications that many users will enjoy. For Microsoft Surface, since it’s a new player, applications are in the App Store of Microsoft. Applications are still thriving and there are still few choices for the Surface.

Learn more about Surface

Learn more about Surface

Android – Applications are found on Google Play

iOS – Biggest and Most Extensive Array of Applications

MS Surface – Thriving and New Player

So which among these brands work best? You decide!

First Date Tips: 3 Must-Know Tips for a Successful First Date

There is nothing better than showing up on your first date oozing with confidence in your best perfume. But the trouble with first dates is that it can go on for hours—and, as how romantics say it, anything can happen. If you play your cards right, you might just score another date—and another one after that, maybe? Probably too soon to tell. But we have put together a few tips to make sure that your date ends up great—so you can start wishing for more.

Be Comfortable With Yourself

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard this before. But being comfortable can mean a lot of things. Dressing up to look good would mean that you have to be comfortable enough to move in whatever you’re wearing. Clothes that can make you end up feeling stiff all through the night is a big no-no. And did anybody mention posture? Of course, it’s a given! Looking alert and self-assured is all part of the package!

Look Comfortable: Be yourself

Look Comfortable: Be yourself

Improve Your Social Skills

While everybody loves a little bit of flirting on dates, one shouldn’t shamelessly do it either. A little bit of reservation on your part is important. Don’t be too shy in giving out compliments, and be sincere about it. Ask about what interests your date the most, and share some things about yourself, as well. Don’t hog the conversation even if the topic gets you excited. Relax and enjoy the evening by interjecting humour every once in a while. Try to avoid asking personal questions—unless your date volunteers the information. Like everything else, there’s a right time for that. But oftentimes, the first date isn’t it.

How to Improve your social

How to Improve your social

Good Manners Will Get You Far

Have you ever been out on a date with someone who you felt you can be totally yourself with? If that’s the case, then good for you. But if being yourself would mean forgetting your manners and throwing caution to the wind then forget it. How about if you discover that you have absolutely nothing in common with the one you’re going out with? Is that reason enough to mope and show how obviously bored you are? Once you catch yourself complaining about the lights, the setup, the place, or the food—stop yourself! It’s not something that you would want to continue with your date—or with anybody, for that matter.

Being courteous will still get you the farthest. Even if the night didn’t turn out so great, it still doesn’t merit rudeness. But should you end up having a wonderful time, don’t forget to let them know about it. There’s nothing better than graciously thanking someone for the fun night you’ve just experienced.

There you go folks. Just a few tips that you need to remember to make the first date successful. Now that you know the basics, go on out there and have fun!

3 Short Exercises You Can Do At Home To Keep Fit

A busy lifestyle with study, work or family commitments does not always leave room for gym time. However, we still want to be able to keep fit and incorporate fitness in our day to day lives. Here is where we need to improvise and come up with a few exercises to do at home.

Surely, by skipping gym we are missing out on great cardio on the treadmill, spinning classes or weight training. In order to substitute for that, do the 3 short and high intensity exercises below, one to twice a day, and enjoy the great results:

Exercise 1: Squats

This is a #1 exercise, especially if you want to get some awesome curves. It works all your muscles from the hips, glutes and thighs.

Do 30-40 reps of squats in the morning and in the evening. If you feel adventurous, hold one bottle of water in each hand to add some weight. This should take you less that 5 minutes a day but you will be not be disappointed with the results.

Exercise Technique:

Stand straight with your legs apart, at shoulder level. Lower your body in a squat position, maintaining your back straight, abs tight and ensuring that your knees don’t go past your toes. Go as low as you can and then return to the initial position.

At all times keep your knees in line with your toes, this is very important in order to avoid knee injury. A good tip is to use a chair and pretend to be sitting down, without actually touching the surface.

Exercise 2: Jumping Jacks

Old school, but highly effective cardio. You can do this before or after you squats, or in a different part of the day. Just do as many reps as you can, preferably at least 30-40. It takes less than 5 minutes, but it sure gets your heart racing.

Back to the jumping jacks.

Back to the jumping jacks.

Exercise Technique:

Stand straight with your legs together, arms by your side and knees slightly bent. Jump up and down, separating your legs and also raising your arms up and down in the motion. When you jump your arms are up and your legs are apart, and when you return to your initial position, legs are together and arms are down.

Exercise 3: Ab crunches

If your abs look great than you look great! Keep a summer waist by doing a few crunches before bed time.

Use a mat if you have one; otherwise just lay on the carpet or a thick blanket.

abs workout is Crunches,

abs workout is Crunches,

Exercise Technique:

Lay on your back with your knees bent. Put your arms under your neck, gently supporting it in the motion. Tense your abdominal and use the muscles to crunch your body up and back to your initial position. If you feel any pain on your back stop and adjust your position.

The movement should be led by your abdominal muscles, never pull your neck muscles.

For best results, repeat the 3 exercise in the same order in the morning and in the evening. This gives you the perfect mix of cardio and toning exercises to keep you fit and healthy.

If you accompany the workouts with healthy meals and lots of water, you got the perfect recipe for keeping in shape throughout the whole year.

Cars: Differences Between Leasing And Buying

Buying or leasing a car depends on what is important for the person buying or leasing it. What you can get from one is often what you cannot get from the other. Considerations must be made for several aspects like financial capability, lifestyle and priorities.

The first thing you have to consider is the financial aspect especially if you are limited by a certain budget or savings. If sky is the limit, you will consider then the lifestyle that you have and check your priorities whether they fit in to either buying or leasing.

Leasing gives you the ability to have a car without shelling out as much money for the first 2-3 years as buying. You do not own the car; rather you are paying for the use of the car. The main reason the monthly payment is low is due to the fact that you are paying for the depreciation cost (plus finance charge and other possible fees). If a brand new car costs about $20,000 and by the end of 2 years the depreciation falls by $7,000, the lease amount will be $7,000 (plus other fees). Whether you buy or lease, the same value is lost: the depreciation cost. When you sell the car you bought at the end of 2 years, you can only sell it at $13,000. At the end of the lease period, you do not have a car, you spent $7,000.

With a bought car, it means you have to shell out more money for the down-payment and monthly amortization because you are dealing with the whole amount (ie., $20,000). The same is true if you buy it outright cash although you save some on discount for buying cash. The fact is you need a large amount of money to buy a car as opposed to leasing.

I buy or lease a car?

I buy or lease a car?

In the long run, you save more when you buy and drive it for, say, 10 years, since you stretch your expenses to the life of the car. Renewing your lease every 2 years for 5 times to reach 10 years will make you spend more if you total all your expenses for the same duration. You do not own the car but you can change your car every time you renew your lease. That makes you drive a new car every time you renew.

Having a new car every 2 years looks cool but you have to check your lifestyle if you will be allowed to lease. You have to have a predictable mileage. You do not have to worry about trading or selling used cars. If you buy instead, you can drive anywhere, any length, you enjoy the ownership and the sentimental value attached to it. You can customize it any way you want like change the wheels, give it some design, and you can maximize your cost if you stretch the life of it for as long as it runs.

Buying and leasing are two

Buying and leasing are two

Whether you are leasing or buying (except for outright cash), it is important that your credit score is good enough or even higher than what is asked for.

What life lessons you can learn from Megan Fox?

Born on May 16, 1986, Megan Fox had her first break in the movie, Holidays in the Sun. In 2007, she was cast in the hit movie, Transformer and was also included in the sequel. Today, the 26 year old star is married to actor, Brian Austin Green. She has a two month old baby boy with the actor and in her recent interview, she proudly gushes that she’s overwhelmed with love for her baby.

In the recent years, the sexy star has gained the title “Sexiest Woman Alive” from FHM and second in Maxim’s “Hot 100”. Megan is not new to the fame of being called sexy and beautiful. When she was 13, modelling classes were her forte and in 1999, she had won many awards at the American Modelling and Talent Convention. With her modelling success, she drop-out of school and she decided to pursue her dream to be a big star. Fox landed her first movie when she was 16 and for the next few years, she appeared in various television shows. Her biggest break was Transformers where she played the romantic lead. In 2008, she was nominated for the MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Performance.

How much money does Megan Fox?

How much money does Megan Fox?

Other than her pretty face and sexy body, Megan is also best known for her wacky remarks. She’s known for saying what she wants to say and she doesn’t hold back. She was quoted as saying, “I have a mouth and I’m not afraid in using it.” And when she say’s something, everyone listens. It’s just up to you if you’ll love her or hate her.

So what life lessons can you learn from Megan Fox?

1. Having no regrets. Megan Fox is also known for her tattoos. At 18, she had the face of Marilyn Monroe inked on her and she also has other tattoos inked on other parts of her body. Her recent tattoo was of her husband’s name, Brian. Megan reveals that if ever they would break up she can always name her son, Brian. Her remark revealed that she is a woman who knows what she wants and she makes no regrets about her decision.

2. Being honest is a good quality to have. Megan is known for her smart ass quotes and people often question her frankness. Still Megan shows quality that we should all have. Being honest is a good quality and she has revealed that the media has a tendency of twisting things they say. Megan said that in middle school, everyone would go into cliques and they would gossip a lot. For Megan, this was an act of ignorance and she just started to be honest with everyone. Sure, it does get her into trouble. But still, telling the truth is better than pretending to fake a feeling!

long profile of Megan Fox

long profile of Megan Fox

Sure, there must be more lessons to be learned from her. But hey, she’s young! She will have more years ahead of her and she will have more stories worth sharing!